Cream Silk Ruffle Dome Lampshade

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Introducing our newest 'Ruffle Dome' to the family of Beauvamp lampshades. Handmade in the UK.  
  • Lead Time: 8 weeks

    M     16” (41cm)  w  x  9” (23cm)  h  inc ruffle.

    L     20"  (51cm)  w  x  11" (28cm) h  inc ruffle.

Introducing our newest ‘Ruffle Dome’ to the family of Beauvamp lampshades.

Made to order and hand stitched around a bespoke bronze frame with our new ruffle skirt.

Lampshade compatible with B22 and E27 lamp holders.

Please note the price is for the lampshade only and pendant accessories / lampstands can be purchased in the shop.

Handmade in our Derbyshire Studio, UK

Fabric  – 100%  Cream Matka Silk


Matka Silk – is essentially an upcycled silk made from the short threads that have broken away from the main filament. These short threads are spun into yarns with a slightly uneven texture resulting in a unique fabric with a slightly more matte appearance than conventional silk, although it shimmers very subtly when placed in sunlight.  The threads’ spun nature means that they are slightly thicker than conventional silk but still very soft, giving it a feel between cotton and cashmere.