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Susi Bellamy x BeauVamp

We are thrilled to finally share with you two new lampshade designs in collaboration again with our talented design friend Susi Bellamy.

Introducing her Peacock Bouquet and Carnelian Marbled Orange. These two beautiful satin silks are an absolute dream to pleat.

I’ve fallen in love with the amount of detail in the tops of these shades and the endless swirl of patterns.

Susi’s new collection also features sumptuous velvet throws, tasselled cushions and upholstered folding screens.

Photo credit: Peter Atkinson Photography

In the make on the cutting table, here you can see how we pin the silk around our bespoke frames before the pleating begins.

All our lampshades are hand stitched to order and are suitable for use as pendants or on lampstands. They come in 3 sizes, 12″, 16″ and 20″ and can be ordered over in our Shop.

Susi’s Carnelian Marbled Orange is featured here with two tone fringing in terracotta and aubergine.

A close up courtesy of Peter Atkinson Photography.

For lampshade orders, please visit our Shop.

For cushions and throws, please visit Susi’s Collection here.