We are so excited to be able to share with you our latest Ruffle lampshades dressed in the much anticipated, newly launched Floral Trail and Floral Sprig fabrics by the interior design duo, Salvesen Graham.

Celebrating the success of their ever popular Floral Trail designs, until now only available as wallpaper, we have had the pleasure of using these new fabrics to create an exclusive collection of beautiful skirted lighting pieces.

Known for their quintessentially British aesthetic with bold use of pattern and colour, our soft skirted shades have been paired with matching trims and pendant accessories to create a statement focal point and handcrafted heirloom for years to come.

“It’s been a delight to see these new fabrics stretched out in all their glory on the studio cutting table and I have enjoyed working closely with the team at Salvesen Graham to establish the right lampshade style and finishing touches to complement their designs.” – Alice Moylan, Founder

Featuring a harmonious palette of pinks, greens and blues, their Floral Trail patterns take inspiration from an archive textile design, originally hand painted in France in the 1800’s.

With a dash of nostalgia and a nod towards the latest interiors trend, these ruffles drape beautifully, making a charming centre piece for the home.

“These gorgeous ruffle lampshades are a brilliant way to introduce another element of colour and pattern to a room. We love the softness of the delicate floral ruffle, it will inject a fresh and playful feel to any space.” – Salvesen Graham

Each skirted lampshade is handsewn with the utmost care, paying particular attention to the finer details and use of traditional sewing techniques.

We are so pleased to be adding these beautiful new additions to our Ruffle collection of lampshades which are now available to order via the Beauvamp website.

Price: £445

Size: 16″ w x 8″ d


Full portfolio of hi res images are available on request via hello@beauvamp.com